Black Leadership Table

Sub-section of Black Leadership Table Members. Four people standing in a room, in front of projectors, smiling


The Black Leadership Table at UTM works towards the education, professional development, and advancement of Black Staff at UTM, and by extension, Students, Faculty, Instructors and Librarians.


The Black Leadership Table at UTM is an affinity group that brings together dynamic and collaborative individuals committed to working toward the education, professional development, and advancement of Black identifying community members on campus.

Below is a list of current members and their respective roles they are responsible for.


  • Co-Chair: Kwame Diko & Naomi Baptiste
  • Finance Managers: Sheri Browne, Corrine Bent-Womack
  • Operations Manager: Cheryl Lewis-Lindsay
  • Research & Development Analyst: Smyrna Wright
  • Events Sub-Committee: Naomi Baptiste
  • Communications Manager: Eileen Waweru & Jermaine Ingram
  • Advancement Managers: Cloveth Smith, Carol Kayitaba


We aim to contribute towards an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment that empowers Black identifying individuals to excel personally and professionally by leveraging education, professional and career development opportunities.


We plan to offer programming and support aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities, promoting career advancement, and nurturing a sense of belonging and community among Black identifying individuals at UTM. It functions as a hub for networking, mentorship, and skill-building opportunities.


We plan on organizing a variety of events designed to support education, professional and career development of all Black identifying staff. All Black identifying UTM staff are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, 12:00 – 1:00 pm. These meetings are offered as hybrid; virtual and in-person format.


We operate within the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Its initiatives and events are held at strategic locations within the campus facilities, to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all members of the UTM community who wish to participate in planned activities and programming. Where applicable, participation can be both virtual and in-person.


You can contact us at Feel free to join the Black Staff Listserv, for updates on this
group and other related activities.